We help our understudies pick up the fundamental information and abilities, which is required to adapt up in the business world. We are enthusiastic about prepping pioneers who are careful experts as well as great individual with qualities. It is our attempt to furnish the understudies with a friendly domain with an emphasis on accomplishing scholastic greatness.

 We additionally concentrate on the overall improvement of the understudies by always leading different exercises that assistance to upgrade the identity, imagination and inventiveness of a person. Our Placement cell goes for the positions of its understudies as well as assumes a critical part in forming the vocations of understudies from their enlistment and Orientation post arrangement bolster, Summer Internships, Mid Terms ventures and Industrial Visits. The Cell attempts different scholastic and co-curricular activities so understudies are all around prepared to meet fluctuated industry prerequisites alongside Training of understudies for development specialized, delicate and relational abilities. Our Team alongside understudies and graduated class works towards fortifying situations and profession open doors for the understudies.

 In our Nine Years of legacy, we have made over a huge number of examples of overcoming adversity and numerous more are holding up to make a stamp. Our understudies have made their stamp in organizations……………………………………, and some more…

Keeping this in our brain, SDIMT has gone into joint effort with various presumed organizations, for example, TCS, HCL, HP, IBM, CISCO, INTEL,SWARJ MAZDA, RANBAXY and some more.

Being a groundbreaking and sweeping system, it goes for preparing of workforce and understudies about new advancements, other than completing examination undertakings, consultancy and investigating arrangement choices universally, which is the need of present circumstances. There is a persistent request of talented and prepared labor in different ventures, which is doubtlessly being satisfied by SDIMTians who experience an extremely unique competency based preparing capabilities with condition of craftsmanship offices and full support of top industry partners. The organizations furnish the learners with a top to bottom comprehension of the mechanical environment and it’s filling in and also set them up for the corporate world through modern undertakings and thorough instructional courses led by the business work force.

 Employability Training 

“To be utilized is to be at hazard, to be employable is to be secure” – Peter Hawkins.

Landing a decent position is not adequate in the present situation. One must have employability that is, obtaining the traits and abilities which are essential for securing an occupation, doing great in that employment and also changing the employments for one’s development in vocation.

Summer Internship

Summer Training is a critical and basic part of the MBA Program, where understudies experience preparing with their picked association for 6 two months after their first year. The preparation program gives them adequate chances to apply practically speaking the ideas, thoughts and speculations learnt by them amid their first year.

On acceptable finishing of their late spring preparing, the understudies set up a venture provide details regarding the late spring task in this manner taking shape the learning they picked up amid the time of their preparation. An introduction on the venture report by every one of the understudies builds the information pool of the understudies where understudies trade their direct encounters of the corporate world.

The Institute has appreciated broad corporate support for summer preparing with the outcome that midyear ventures have been different, testing and serious learning encounters.